Georgia Karampelou was born and raised in the village of Davlia, situated on the slopes of mount Parnassus, in the prefecture of Viotia. For the past several years, she has been residing in Maroussi, in Athens, Greece.

She is the mother of two boys, aged eleven and fourteen, and she works at the Ministry of Economy.

Georgia Karampelou started painting in 2005. Since then, she has participated in two group exhibitions, one mounted by the Municipality of Maroussi (2006) and another one organized by the Cultural Department of the Ministry of Economy (2008).

Her first solo art exhibition took place at Maroussi Town Hall, under the auspices of the Municipality of Maroussi, in November 2009. Her second solo exhibition took place in Livadia, capital city of the prefecture of Viotia, under the auspices of the Municipal Sport & Culture Organization, in April 2011.

Her work has gained wide recognition by a large number of art lovers and many of her paintings have already been included in private collections.

...myself through art

"True love awakes, when we are able to discover through another human being what we always had, but didn't acknowledge, and in the same time abandon what we thought we had, but never actually did…"


These words by Marguerite Yourcenar from her book Memoirs of Hadrian accurately describe my relation with painting; profound and liberating.

Painting introduced me to emotions I didn't know were hidden inside me, while it freed me from all the airs and graces of the bourgeois lady I have never really been… Thereby, I discovered the soil, the grass, the sea and sky… and I managed to shatter the cement around me…

At the same time, everything turns into colors in my hands with a pleasurable ease I had never experienced, except in the upbringing of my children.

I feel that my encounter with painting is for life, and I hope that I will always affirm this notion in your eyes, each time you feel attracted by one of my favorite paintings.

Karampelou Georgia

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